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Πέμπτη, 6 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Radiohead 'Owe It All to San Francisco Radio Station'

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Radiohead wouldn't have become one of the world's biggest band if it hadn't been for the producers of a tiny San Francisco radio station.

So says promoter Jon Spira, who has made a new film about the band's early days called 'Anyone Can Play Guitar.'

In the movie, he claims that the band was about to be dropped by its record label after poor sales of debut album.

He tells this month's Mojo magazine, "'Creep' was a failure on its initial release, as was (album) 'Pablo Honey.' According to their early management, it got to the stage where EMI wanted to drop them. [But] a small radio station in San Francisco picked the single up on import and played it until it became the listeners' song of the year. They got a second chance.'

The film is named after Radiohead's second single release, which came out in February 1993.

The movie, meanwhile, tells the story of 30 years of the music scene in Oxford, where Radiohead were formed. 

It also features acts including Supergrass, Ride, Swervedriver and Foals, and includes never-seen-before footage. It is due for release sometime this year.

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