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Τετάρτη, 16 Μαρτίου 2011

JOE SATRIANI Talks About Making Of New CHICKENFOOT Album

Joe Bosso of recently spoke to guitar legend Joe Satriani about the progress of the recording sessions for the newCHICKENFOOT album. When asked if the tracking for the new CD has been completed, Satriani replied, "Last week, we finished 99 percent of the drums, bass and guitars. Because we're not always in the same room together — or the same town — there's always a little bit of hesitation of where to go with the finishing touches. In this particular case, Sammy[Hagar, vocals] and I have been watching each other as to how we're developing our parts over what the entire band did when they were together. So the songs are still developing lyrically and vocally, and I don't want to commit 100 percent what the guitars will do until I hear Sammy's finished vocals.

"We're at a very exciting point in the development of the record. I think I can definitively say that the album sounds heavier and that it sounds likeCHICKENFOOT. [laughs] I can't say too much about the lyrical aspect because I haven't heard everything Sammy's going to do — he wanted to come back from the book tour he's on before he made up his mind on a couple of songs. But I can tell you right now that the sound of the album is tremendous. The guitars are out of this world, and we haven't even done the real mixes yet."

On the topic of collaborating with co-producer Mike FraserSatriani said, "Working with Mike is tremendous. He's a fantastic engineer and producer. I mean, imagine co-producing an album when your partners are Michael AnthonyChad SmithSammy Hagar and me. That's almost unthinkable! [laughs] Everybody's got an opinion, and everybody speaks up loud and clear — probably too loud and clear, and all at once. But Mikeis unflappable. He's very supportive, and he has great alternative ideas when they're needed.

"Mike is also very good at handling the way we seem to make records. We're dealing with demos via e-mail that we send around for months, and then, when we do get together, in less than 10 days we record the basic tracks of what is going to be an album. So there isn't a whole lot of development time."

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