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Κυριακή, 6 Φεβρουαρίου 2011

Rock guitarist Gary Moore dies

The renowned rock guitarist Gary Moore has died in a hotel room in Spain.
Mr Moore, 58, was originally from Belfast and was a former member of the legendary
 Irish group Thin Lizzy.
Adam Parsons, who manages Thin Lizzy, told the BBC that Mr Moore
 had died in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Mr Moore was originally drafted into Thin Lizzy by its singer Phil Lynott.
 He later gained acclaim for his solo work and was a former member
 of the Irish group Skid Row.
The Northern Ireland guitarist was only 16 when he moved from Belfast
 to Dublin in 1969, to join Skid Row, which featured Lynott as lead vocalist.
He was later brought into Thin Lizzy by Lynott to replace the departing
 Eric Bell, another guitarist from Northern Ireland.
Mr Bell told the BBC on Sunday he was still "in shock" at Mr Moore's death.
"I still can't believe it," he said.
"He was so robust, he wasn't a rock casualty, he was a healthy guy.
Parisienne Walkways
"He was a superb player and a dedicated musician."
Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy said it been a pleasure
 to share a stage with Mr Moore.

"I will miss him."Niall Stokes, the editor of the Irish music magazine, Hot Press, 
described Mr Moore as a "genius".
The lead guitarist received critical acclaim for his work on the 1974 Thin Lizzy album
, Nightlife, but would never be constrained by the music group format.
A year earlier, he had released his first solo album Grinding Stone and his virtuoso
 playing was to make him a recognised artist in his own right.
Although returning to Thin Lizzy briefly in the late 1970s, his solo work cotinued
 to garner interest and he also enjoyed UK chart success with Lynott, via singles
 Parisienne Walkways and Out In The Fields.
Throughout his career, Gary Moore was to embrace a range of genres
 including blues, metal and hard rock.
He performed on stage with a range of major artists and released 20 studio albums.

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